CPSS TPEA Vol.2 No.4

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Editorial for the Inaugural Special Issue on the Developing Trends of Power Electronics Part 5
J. Liu  
Key Components of Modular Propulsion Systems for Next Generation Electric Vehicles
A. Stippich, C. H. van der Broeck,A. Sewergin, A. H. Wienhausen, M. Neubert, P. Schulting, S. Taraborrelli, H. van Hoek, and R. W. D. Doncker
K. Rajashekara, H. S. Krishnamoorthy, and B. S. Naik
Review on Distributed Energy Storage Systems for Utility Applications
L. Chang, W. Zhang, S. Xu, and K. Spence
A Review of Envelope Tracking Power Supply for Mobile Communication Systems
X. Ruan, Y. Wang, and Q. Jin
Review of State-of-the-Art Integration Technologies in Power Electronic Systems
K. Wang, Z. Qi, F. Li, L. Wang, and X. Yang